Dailyn thought it would be a good idea to make applesauce with some of the nice variety of apples that are available now.  We used three different types of apples, use whatever types you have.  This was so delicious and easy to make, I will never buy applesauce again.


8 apples, cored, sliced and chopped (I used a variety of apples, granny smith, pink lady and jazz)
2 cups water
1/3 cup chopped dates
2 T. Honey
½ t. cinnamon


Place the apples in an eight cup Pyrex glass measuring cup.  Add the chopped dates and water.  Place lid on and vent open on one end.  Microwave the fruit on the HIGH setting for ten minutes.  

Remove from microwave and add the cinnamon.  Using a ladle, scoop out about two thirds of any remaining liquid and place liquid in a separate bowl.  Using an immersion blender, blend until desired chunkiness. Add any extra reserve liquid for desired consistency or none at all.

Serve warm or cold, delicious!