Banana Split Frozen Dessert

This dessert was made using a Yonanas machine I purchased at  It can turn any frozen fruit into an ice cream consistency.  The crust was adapted from The Optimal Diet Cookbook.


Crust Ingredients
1 ¼ cups dates, chopped
1/3 c + 1 T. water
¾ cup Grape-Nuts
½ cup oats
½ cup pecans, finely chopped
Pinch of salt

Filling Ingredients
8 frozen bananas
1 lb. frozen pineapple chunks
1 lb. frozen strawberries
1 T. sugar (optional)
½ cup Enjoy Life chocolate chips
½ cup peanuts


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place dates and water in a small saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Simmer until dates are soft.  Mash


Place dates in a mixing bowl.  Add remaining ingredients and mix well with a fork.

Press mixture in either an 8” X 10” non-stick or glass baking dish.  Bake for 12 minutes then cool to room temperature.

Place the frozen bananas into the Yonanas machine.  *Note it is best to let the frozen fruit set out a few minutes before using for best results.  Spread banana ice cream over the crust.  Place the pan in the freezer to set up while making the other layers.

Repeat the above step with the pineapple and again place in


Repeat with the strawberries.  Taste the strawberries, if they need a bit more sweetness add 1 T. of sugar.  Spread over pineapple mixture.