Black Forest Frozen Dessert

This dessert is an adaptation from a recipe I found from Jane Esselstyn who was inspired originally by Chef A. J.  I added the cherries and chocolate chips to make a black forest theme dessert.  This is very decadent and a small piece is quite satisfying.  You can cut the recipe in half and make it in an 8” X 8” square glass baking dish.


16 oz. pitted dates

2 1/2 cups almond milk

12 oz. fresh almond butter

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cups cocoa powder

1 cup dried cherries, plumped

¼ cup Enjoy Life chocolate chips

2 cups raw almonds – toasted and crushed


The night before, place the dates in a container and pour almond milk over dates making sure they are all covered.  Place in the refrigerator and let soak over night.


Place the dried cherries in a small bowl.  Pour some boiling water over the dried cherries, just enough to cover.  Let soak for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.  Drain and set aside.


Pour the date and almond milk mixture along with the almond butter and vanilla into a food processor.   Blend until smooth and uniform in appearance.   Add the cocoa powder and continue until well blended.  Remove the blade and using a spoon, stir in the cherries. 


Spread 2/3 of the toasted almonds into the bottom of a 9” X 13”glass baking dish.   Pour the chocolate cherry date mixture on top of the almonds.  Finish sprinkling the remaining toasted almonds and chocolate chips on top.  Freeze over night or until frozen solid before serving.