Sunshine Salad

I first had toasted brown rice and sesames in Iowa City at Atlas.  I had to know how this was done and immediately went home and made a batch of this.  This adds wonderful texture and flavor without the added oil of toasted nuts.  Delicious!


8 cups mixed salad greens, or baby kale
1 orange, peeled then cut in thin segments
2 scallions
1/4 cup mixed toasted brown rice with sesames

Orange Vinaigrette
½ cup fresh squeezed orange juice
2 T. honey
2 T. champagne vinegar
Pinch of salt


Note: To make the toasted brown rice place ½ cup of brown basmati rice in a cereal bowl with 1 cup of water.  Let this set overnight.  The following day drain rice and place in a medium size skillet.  Toast until golden brown.  Place in another bowl to cool.  While that is cooling, add .75 oz container of sesame seeds into the same skillet.  Toast until golden brown.  Place browned sesame seeds into the same bowl as toasted rice.  Allow enough time to cool down completely before placing in an airtight container with lid.  These will last a long time and can be used on any type of salad or even to add a crunchy top to almond milk ice cream.

Arrange greens on a serving plate with orange slices then sprinkle a few scallions on top.  Drizzle some dressing on to plate and garnish with about a tablespoon of toasted rice and sesames.