New Paradigm Health Cookery offers whole food, plant based recipes.

This site was developed to help others shift to a new health enhancing, nutritional paradigm, a whole food, plant based diet.  My husband and I made the change to this way of eating and cooking after reading “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  We first heard about these two books after watching an interview on Larry King Live with President Bill Clinton.  We both were amazed to hear you could actually reverse heart disease with proper nutrition alone!  My husband has a genetically caused stenotic aortic valve and will likely need to have this replaced.  We want to make sure his overall system is in optimal health if and when this needs to be done.  So we immediately ordered these two books and we were both hooked after reading them.

In fact I decided if I was going to switch to this lifestyle change I wanted to know everything I could about it.  I enrolled at eCornell University and received a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition taught by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and various lectures from noted nutritionists and physicians including Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  It was during these courses that I decided there was a need for recipes and information regarding how to cook without oil, dairy and meat.  I remember when I first decided I was going to make the change I actually had feelings of remorse of all the “great” foods I would never get to eat again, but it was short lived.  Everyday it was so much fun to create new recipes, a new paradigm way of cooking.  So many people think that we just live on salads alone.  I promise you this is a myth!  There are so many wonderful meals, tastes, textures and recipes that can be created without meat, dairy and yes oil.

So this is a website consisting of a collection of recipes that I have developed or have been shared with me by others.  I also decided it needed to be a source where information could be shared by links to books, articles and websites. Those that are interested could gather information and find out for themselves how eating and cooking this way could lead to major improvements in many aspects of health and possibly save their life and lives of their loved ones.  I believe this is the answer to the obesity crisis facing so many as well as the health care crisis that no one seems to know how to fix.
This is not hard to do.  It is not a diet.  This will change your life in the most positive way.  I feel very lucky to have discovered this new lifestyle change.

We have been following the whole foods plant based diet since October of 2010 and with each passing week, have noted wonderful improvements in energy and health.  In fact after just three months of eating this way I had a 90 point drop in my cholesterol and lost weight, reaching my natural correct weight.  I have come to the understanding that when it comes to health, nutrition trumps all.  Eating a whole food, plant based diet is a complete shift away from the Western diet that has brought us the pandemic of diseases of affluence.  My purpose here at New Paradigm Health Cookery is to share this awakening with all who yearn for a more healthy and joyful lifestyle and are willing and ready to take back control of their own health.  I have learned I have to take responsibility for what goes in my body and that this process is filled with creativity, joy and wonderful, delicious, life giving food.

I hope you will come back often; there will be new recipes and information on a weekly basis.  I also am planning a section of kid friendly recipes. 

Welcome to a new world of health and delicious food!
Angela Woodhouse