"The Starch Solution" by John and Mary McDougall

John A. McDougall, M.D. is a practicing internist and one of the greatest healers of our time.  In his latest book,  "The Starch Solution",   he explains how the modern western diet, loaded with dairy, meat and highly processed foods, is creating a disastrous epidemic of chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease,  and cancer.  In his own clinic, he has helped thousands of people return to a healthy, joyful life by eating the right foods.  "The Starch Solution" contains the background and information you need to begin the journey back to health.  The book is instructive on many levels and includes the story of Dr. McDougall's journey through his career as a physician and as a national advocate for good health in the face of the corporate misinformation that keeps us sick.  

We met Dr. McDougall at the Farms to Fork Immersion in Chicago 2013.  He is the most compassionate, passionate, authentic physician advocate for good health that I have ever met.  "The Starch Solution" is a highly readable and complete expression of the basic knowledge you need to preserve your health in this unprecedented time of decline in the overall health of Americans.  At the end of the book are many wonderful recipes, presented by his wife Mary, to help you begin your journey to renewed health and joyful living.